studio diary


So it begins

Ave, Satanas! We are totally over the moon to announce that we’ve now entered the notorious Hellhole Studio to record our new, yet-untitled studio album. We’re once again pairing up with keyboardist/composer/conductor Desibelius and by the looks of things, our trademark “black metal with death metal aesthetics and progressive twists paired with a slash of grime” is crabwalking towards new, symphonic horizons. You are definitely in for a treat.

”Our music has never sounded this multifaceted. Samaël just wrapped up the drums this week, and the rest of us will definitely need to bring our A-game if we want to keep up. The man’s a beast,” states Hubbath.

Scheduled for a spring 2019 release, the album will be mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö (Dissection, Dark Funeral, etc.), who already conjured some arcane black magic for our ”Blackened Call” single earlier this year. Looking forward to this one!

Check back for more updates from the studio here or via our socials. Cheers!

—The Bubs | October 8th 2018