trve kvlt docvmentary

The story of Belzebubs has been meticulously recorded by a documentary crew ever since the band's humble beginnings. The team continues to provide an indepth look backstage, both as an extraordinary production diary and a casual documentary of the lives of Belzebubs. The documentary updates weekly via Facebook & Instagram.


English | Top Shelf | February 2019
Finnish | Kumiorava | August 2018
French | Glénat | August 2018
Greek | Jemma Press | November 2018
Italian | Edizioni BD | March 2019
Spanish | Dibbuks | September 2018
German | Cross Cult | November 2019
Norwegian | Gyldendal | October 2019


“Belzebubs strikes that delicate balance between adorable and totally fucking metal.” — Talking Comics

“Even if you're not a black-metal-loving, corpse-paint-wearing kind of goth, this comic is still for you.” Sequential Tart [10/10]

“As twisted as it is sidesplitting… [Belzebubs] weaves slice-of-life drama and mockumentary-style humor into a pentagram of laughs, relatable moments, and a love for black metal.”  Publishers Weekly [starred review]