heed the call. join the kvlt.


BLACKENED CALL | Music by Belzebubs | Mixed & Mastered by Dan Swanö | Directed by Samppa Kukkonen | Produced by Pyjama Films for Century Media


Blackened Call is the first single from the upcoming Belzebubs debut, scheduled for an April 2019 release. The single is available as a limited edition 7 inch vinyl, including both the blazing title track and the cinematic instrumental Maleficarum – The Veil of the Moon Queen Part 1.



Hailing from the abysmal forests of the mystic North, Belzebubs have possessed a stealthy cult status throughout their existence. Originally summoned together in 2002, the band has succeeded in creating a thrilling blend of melodic black metal, guttural growls and vivid solos, forged with progressive twists and cinematic soundscapes. Accompanied by a new drummer and a three-record-deal with Century Media, Belzebubs finally feels fit to take on the (under)world.

”We are extremely proud to sign with Century Media on their 30th anniversary year, joining the likes of Watain, Tribulation, Moonsorrow, Insomnium, and Rotting Christ, just to name a few. We have been busy composing new material, and can’t wait to get in the studio (and tour!?) with our new drummer Samaël, who’s brought a tight, progressive twist to our gritty yet melodic sound."