pantheon of the nightside gods


Cathedrals of Mourning

Under domes of anguish, I dwell…

Through the bleak and bitter night
Across the plains of blackened shards
I call your hallowed name
Bound by the shackles of time

Cathedrals of mourning I’ll find
Cathedrals of mourning, now mine

The soaring pinnacles touching the ashen sky…

The gods of nightside realm
Cold eyes carved in the stones 
Watching over these somber halls of wailing and fear

For the ones who never die
Dreaming through forgotten times
I call your hallowed name
From beyond the grim stars

Not dead which eternal lie
with stranger aeons death may die
I call your hallowed name
Chained by the sigils of moon

I witness the rise of elder gods
From the formless void
Beyond the screaming stars

New dawn that shall arrive
Blood moon and evernight
Now hear the call to arms
Your banner high above the restless hordes

Burning pits of sacrifice
Hecatombs of broken hearts
I call your hallowed name
Ever-changing mistress of night

Now the sky turns black and all shall fall… 

Bind me
Fill me
From beyond the stars